Non ferrous metal woven mesh

Dashang Wire Mesh provides non ferrous metal woven mesh, mainly includes brass mesh, phosphor bronze (Tin Bronze mesh) mesh and pure copper mesh.


Brass Woven Wire Mesh is woven by H65 (65% Cu, 35% Zn) brass wires or H80 (80% Cu, 20% Zn) brass wires. Compared with copper mesh, brass mesh has lower electrical and thermal conductivity, but better wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The Zn element in the brass mesh makes it harder than the copper mesh, and also has better corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Brass mesh can be widely used in industrial filtration and separation. Mesh can be processed into discs, tubes and other custom shapes.

Phosphor bronze mesh is also known as Tin Bronze mesh. Phosphorus is added to help improve its hardness and wear resistance. It has superior strength and ductility compared to other materials. Therefore, it can be used in occasions that require fatigue resistance, wear resistance, and chemical resistance. Widely used in EMI shielding, filtration and screening, decoration, etc.

Copper mesh is also called shielding mesh, which is woven from pure copper wire. It has the characteristics of non-magnetic, wear-resistant, good sound insulation, and filtering electron beams. Widely used to screen various particles, powder, china clay, glass, wall sound insulation, electronic display screen.

Non ferrous metal woven mesh


Good corrosion and wear resistance.

Excellent tensile strength and extensibility.

The structure is uniform, and the surface is golden and beautiful.

Application field:

Screening various particles, powders, china clay, glass, porcelain prints, filter liquids, gases.

Non ferrous metal woven mesh

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