Quality Control

We believe that “Good wire cloth can speak and Each mesh should be worth”. We think that the analysis of chemicals compositions, physical properties and tolerance control are indispensable and they help our wire cloth to show their best performance in the customer’s use and also in difficult operating conditions.


DASHANG has a process of strictly examining raw materials about chemical compositions and physical properties.
With this spectrometer (Spectro from Germany) we examine the chemical compositions of raw material (the content of Cr and Ni elements) if it meets international standards.



After primary inspection, the incoming raw materials will be sent into the workshop for wire drawing. The drawing process will be stopped until the wire diameter is drawn into the desired size for weaving.



When we receive the raw materials, we will test the carbon and sulfur content of the stainless steel wire to make sure its carbon and sulfur content meets the quality standards and requirements.



When the inspections mentioned above are finished, we will take another piece of sample for tensile test. The sample will be placed between the pulling part and the clamping part of the tester for tensile test to check if the tensile strength of the product is qualified.



It has the smallest unit 0.002mm. Through accurate measurement, research and development finance can be supported, while the production process can be controlled and adjusted timely, promising mesh filtration corresponding to user requirement. In addition, the loss of use can be reduced, consequently reducing the cost of production.



Before weaving, our technicians will check if the CNC weaving machines are set and operated correctly.
During the trial operation, our QC personnel will check if the flatness of the product meet corresponding requirements.


Main applications

The main methods of using dashang wire are given below