Do you know the major functions of metal screen

The metal screen has the following four functions:

Screening: it is mainly used for solid particles, powder and screening in metallurgy, coal, rubber, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, automobile, ceramics, glass and other industries.

Protection: it is mainly used for civil construction, batch of cement, raising chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fences. Mechanical equipment protection, highway guardrail, stadium fence, road green belt protective net.

Filtration: it is mainly used for mud screen in petroleum industry, pickling screen in chemical fiber electroplating industry and liquid gas filtration and purification.

Fixation: it can be used for reinforcement and skeleton support in construction industry, highway and bridge.

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We all know that the screen has a wide range of applications, and it can also play a role in sewage treatment. So, what role can the screen play in the sewage treatment process? Next, Xiaobian will introduce it

The role of screen in sewage treatment.

The screen is the treatment unit of the sewage treatment plant, which is usually located in front of each treatment structure of the treatment plant (pump station sump, grit chamber, sedimentation tank and inlet end of water intake). Their main function is to Remove the coarse substances in the water, protect the mechanical equipment of the treatment plant (especially the pump) and prevent the cold blockage of the pipeline.

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Main applications

The main methods of using dashang wire are given below