Wire Mesh Cylindrical Filter

Dashang Wire Mesh can provide customized cylindrical wire mesh filter. A cylindrical filter, also known as a wire mesh filter tube, is made by welding a single or multiple layers of metal filter mesh. It could be woven wire mesh or perforated filter mesh according to the processing technology.

Dashang Wire Mesh produce a wide range of woven wire mesh, and also custom high performance industrial filters with with high-quality wire mesh, annealed, welding bonded processing.   


▶ Single or multiple layers of woven wire mesh cylinder filter

Wire Mesh Cylindrical Filter

▶ Customized cylinder wire mesh filter

Wire Mesh Cylindrical Filter

Features of our cylinder wire mesh filter:

Made of high quality stainless steel mesh and has a long service life;

The woven mesh is tightly woven, cut evenly, and the two ends of the filter cartridge are smooth without burrs;

Welding is firm, not easy to fall off, and welding marks can be cleaned;

All filter tubes will undergo outer/inner diameter size testing.

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