Nickel wire mesh

Nickel wire mesh is weaved with high quality nickel wire (Ni purity>99.5 N6 or purity>99.9 N4), mostly used as filter media under strong acid and alkali environment and fuel cell electrode.


Nickel-based alloys refer to a class of alloys that have comprehensive properties such as high strength and certain oxidation and corrosion resistance at high temperatures of 650-1000 °C. According to the main performance, it is divided into nickel-based heat-resistant alloys, nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys, nickel-based wear-resistant alloys, nickel-based precision alloys and nickel-based shape memory alloys.

Representative materials of nickel-based alloys are: Incoloy alloy, such as Incoloy800, whose main component is 32Ni-21Cr-Ti/Al, which belongs to heat-resistant alloy; Inconel alloy, such as Inconel600, whose main component is 73Ni-15Cr-Ti/Al, which belongs to heat-resistant alloy ; Hastelloy alloy, that is, Hastelloy alloy, such as Hastelloy C-276, the main component is 56Ni-16Cr-16Mo-4W, which is a corrosion-resistant alloy; Monel alloy, that is, Monel alloy, such as Monel 400, the main component is 65Ni- 34Cu, belongs to corrosion-resistant alloy.

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