Filter Wire Mesh Discs/Packs

Filter Wire Mesh Discs/Packs

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Filter wire mesh discs (sometimes referred to as pack screens or filter discs) are made from woven or sintered metal wire sheets. The quality wire mesh discs come in a variety of metal materials and are available in several sizes, styles, and thicknesses for virtually any application. Our products are sturdy, long-lasting, functional, and versatile.

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Available wire mesh materials include:

Brass,Bronze,Copper,Galvanized,Plain Steel, Sintered,Stainless Steel Discs,Welded Stainless Discs.

Shape: Round, Oval, Square, Rectangular, Triangular, etc

Size: Customized as requirement

Screen layers: Single, Double, Multi-layer

Edge of wire mesh discs: for single, double or multi-layer mesh screen filter discs, we can make them together by covering edge. Common edge’s materials are stainless steel sheet, brass sheet, aluminum sheet, rubber, plastic, etc.

Without edge: for double, multi-layer mesh filter discs, we can make them together by welding, sintering ir other technology. For single layer wire mesh disc, usually, there is no need to be welded or sintered, and mesh screen filter disc can be used directly.

We use premium grades of stainless steel for preventing contamination in the molten mass whilst giving out pure virgin material in extrusion where in the metal rim acts as the gasket to prevent leakage. We also offer these filter packs in customized specifications as per client’s specifications.


Filter wire mesh disc is used for the rubber, plastic, petroleum, chemical, light, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, food (like coffee filter disc, French press replacement filter screen), sprouting screen, wine cover gauze mat and any other cover gauze mat has opening allowing your goods to breathe, and they protects your goods from all pests and airborne particles, and other industries. Filter disc also suits for screening of grain and oil, filtering for air filter for car, sorting for distillation, absorption, evaporation.


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