Epoxy Coated Filter Wire mesh

Epoxy Coated Filter Wire mesh

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Epoxy coated filter wire mesh is mainly composed of plain steel wires woven together and coated with quality epoxy resin powder through the electrostatic spraying process to make this material resistant to corrosion and acids. The epoxy coated wire mesh is usually used as a support layer for the filtering which replacing galvanized wire mesh and is ideal due to the stability of the structure as well as its affordability,it’s the main part of filters. Usually the epoxy coating color is black, but we can also offer colours according to your requirements, such as gray, white, blue, ect. The epoxy coated wire mesh available in rolls or cut into stripes. We always committed to offer epoxy coated wire mesh with economic, eco-friendly and durable for you.

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Usage: Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh products are mainly used in filter element for support layer .

1.Oil and water separation filter element

2.Air filter element (Auto air filter)

3.Solid-liquid separation filter element

4.Hydraulic filter element

5.Oil filter element

Epoxy Coated Filter Wire mesh (3)
Epoxy Coated Filter Wire mesh (2)
Epoxy Coated Filter Wire mesh (1)

Epoxy coated wire mesh can also used as insect screens for windows and doors. It is widely used to resist the flies, mosquitoes, bug and other insects in hotels, buildings and residences.


Light weight.

High tensile.

High elongation.

Anti-corrosion and rust.

Excellent ventilation.

Easy to wash and clean.

Material: Plain Steel Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Aluminum Alloy Wire Mesh

Color: Normally dark grey and black, other color can be ordered

Woven style: Plain Weave

Mesh : 16×16, 18×16, 18×18, 18×14, 26x 22,24×24,30×30. We can also do the other specifications according to your requirements.

Roll Width: 0.58 m, 0.754 m, 0.876 m, 0.965 m, 1.014 m,1.05 m,1.1 m, 1.22 m, 1.25 m etc.

Roll Length: 10-300m

Packaging Details: inner kraft paper, outside plastic cloth, put into wooden pallet or case

Delivery Time: 7 days for stock material

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