Crimped Wire mesh

Crimped Wire mesh

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Crimped wire mesh is made of wire diameters ranging from 1.5mm to 6 mm. In the pre-crimping process, the wire is first formed (crimped) in precision machines using rotary dies that precisely define the spacing of the wires. This insures that the wires are locked firmly together at the intersections. The pre-crimped wires are then assembled in custom designed screen assembly machines (looms). The kind of crimping determines the type of weave. ISO 4783/3 describes the standard types of weave.

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When the open area is important, extra crimps between the intersections provide a more rigid weave and provide locking and tightness for light wires in relation to the large openings.

Due to the crimping process, the mesh have very accurate and consistent openings and are woven after crimping. It is typically preferred for vibrating screens and many other applications where sizing is critical. It can be used for windows, partitions, roasting of meat and flour sieving or mine screens.

Weaving method:

*Conventional Double Crimp-Most common type.  Used where the opening is relatively small in comparison to the wire diameter.
*Locked crimping-Used only in coarse specifications to maintain the accuracy of weave throughout screen life, where the opening is large with respect to wire diameter.;
*Flat-topped crimping-Usually starts at 5/8″ (15.875 mm) opening and larger.  Provides long abrasive resistant life, since there are no projections on top to wear. Offers least resistance to flow.  Also very popular in certain architectural and structural applications where a smooth surface on one side is desirable.;
*Inter Crimp-Used in coarse weaves of lighter-gauge wire to provide greater stability, tightness of weave and maximum rigidity.  Very common in mesh openings larger than 1/2″ (12.7 mm).

Heavy duty crimped wire mesh products are mostly used as screens in mining, coal factory, construction or other industries.

Light type crimped wire mesh can be used to roast, the shape could be round, square, curve and so on. It is used to roast food or meat, and heat resisting, corrosion resisting, nonpoisonous, tasteless and convenient for handling.


Features of Crimped Wire Mesh

-High strength

-Rigid structure

-High abrasion resistance

-Easy to install

-Easily cut to fit

Materials for Crimped Wire Mesh

-Plain steel

-High Carbon steel

-Galvanized steel

-Stainless steel



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